The Foundation in line with its vision to improve the standard of education in Akwa Ibom state, using teachers as the focal point and to complement government’s efforts, instituted a Special Annual Award for the “Celebration of Excellence in Teaching”, of Physics, Chemistry Biology, Mathematics and English Language in Akwa Ibom State public secondary schools.

To avoid any interference and ensure credibility, an award committee separate from the board of trustees is set up by the foundation to manage the entire selection and awards process. This committee performs its function in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom state Secondary School Education Board.


  • Encourage the learning and study of Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry, Physics and Biology in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State
  • Create awareness for the study of Sciences and related professional courses among secondary school students in the State.
  • Engender positive competition for excellence amongst teachers. Encourage teachers to be more focused in their chosen Teaching Career and help to show them that people are watching their performances.
  • Contribute to community development and the need for one to make a contribution to the society, man and God.
  • Complement government effort in developing education in Akwa Ibom State

The Foundation focuses on the achievements of teachers and rewards them for their hard work in the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English Language. Each award category has three winners: First, Second and Third.

Teachers teaching in Akwa Ibom state public secondary schools (Senior Secondary Classes) in the stated subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English Language) are considered for these Awards.


  • To arrive at winners for the awards, the award committee in conjunction with the Foundation put in place a highly rigorous and transparent selection criteria that invloves the following:
  • Review and ranking of with West Africa School Certificate (WASC) results for all public secondary schools in Akwa Ibom state for initial short-listing.
  • Review of the Senior Secondary 1, Senior Secondary 2 and Senior Secondary 3 students’ registration rate for the initially short-listed schools.
  • Visits to the schools to assess and ascertain availability of laboratory and environment to support the with West Africa School Certificate (WASC) result
  • Input from the school principals, fellow teachers, and students of the selected teachers via questionnaires.
  • Aptitude test administered by an independent body for final selection