Annual Teachers Award for Excellence

By focussing on the achievements of teachers, and rewarding them, the Foundation aims at restoring the integrity and pride of our teachers thereby motivating them to be more diligent in their work and by so doing produce better students.

Train teachers and promote teachers certification

The Foundation does not only recognise the achievements of teachers, but also provides training and skills enhancement opportunities to enhance their career and make them better teachers. The foundation also provides the platform to facilitate teachers’ certification by recognised institutions/bodies.

Conduct periodic surveys and gather education data

The Foundation in recognition of the importance of quality/accurate information in decision making and policy formulation engages the services of experts in gathering education data in Akwa Ibom state. The Foundation maintains this repository of data which is made available to the Government periodically/on request.

Promote Innovation and Invention initiatives

The Foundation collaborates with local and international agencies and institutions in sharing information and facilitating training opportunities, in furtherance of her stated objectives.