Accenture Teachers' Training 2017

Accenture Teachers’ Training 2017

4th February 20178:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Luton Park Hotel

The teachers’ training was anchored by Accenture in partnership with the Inoyo Toro Foundation. The training took place on the 4th of February 2017. It was designed to educate and equip awardees with ready tools which could be harnessed to mentor other teachers and thus create a cycle of excellence in teaching. A trickle-down effect in producing better students was another inspiration for the training. The training was done in four phases.

As an introductory session, the teachers were made to understand the role of mentors. Best practices, associated problems, benefits as well as limitations in mentoring, were all highlighted.

Understanding the mentoring structure and identifying which structure best suits them (teachers) as individuals, managing relationships with their mentees and attributes that make for effective mentoring were the focus of the second module of the training program.

At the third phase of the training program, a charge was thrown at the teachers to ensure their understanding of key mentoring methods and techniques. The need to be familiar with different mentoring tools for preparation of mentor/mentee assessment, was also emphasized at this stage.

In the course of the last stage of the mentoring program, the teachers were taught the fundamentals of effective mentoring. They were advised to use topics developed at the training in the course of the execution of mentoring sessions with their mentees.

With the conclusion of the training, the teachers are expected to go and mentor their colleagues, with the aim of having them groom prospective candidates to win the mentors’ awards. Mentors of mentor’s award winners are then further screened by the Foundations’ Screening Committee. This helps identify the level to which they have put resources gathered at the Training Program. Such winners, in accordance with subject categories, are then honored with the ‘Grand Mentor’s Awards’. The process is thorough, effective and well laid out. It can only produce the best.

The Accenture training was a good outing. The teachers showed commitment in taking away as much as possible from the program. With the zeal and passion displayed by the teachers, it is past doubting that the upcoming 10th Anniversary event will produce some of the best crop of winners in the different categories of the award.