Tech Savy Teachers: Educational and Economic Assets

Tech Savy Teachers: Educational and Economic Assets

Tech Savy Teachers: Educational and Economic Assets

Technology is a huge part of our society today. It has come with a lot of benefits for both students and teachers and has created a huge impact with lots of opportunities in society.

The world has gradually shifted from an analogue to a digital world and as technologies keep evolving, teachers need to adjust their teaching styles and get acquainted with these technologies.

With technologies, teachers have become more productive and efficient. Trained teachers have been able to utilise some tools to enhance learning and boost participation among students. Also, the use of technology in classrooms has improved the creativity and innovativeness of both teachers and students.

Many private schools have adopted the use of advanced technologies for learning, employed tech-savvy teachers and introduced some tech-related courses into their curriculum. However, this is not the case for many public schools. Some public schools have computer laboratories but no competent teachers to handle practical computer lessons and other lessons that can be taken on a computer. 

This explains why you can walk into a computer room in a public school and all computer facilities are covered with dust. Some of these technologies are available but no one to teach students how to use them.

Tech-savvy teachers are in high demand because 21st century schools need teachers that will direct e-learning activities and impart advanced knowledge with technological tools.

Tech-savvy teachers will be able to use some Apps and online resources to enhance learning and make students more engaged. Using some of these technologies saves time and can facilitate venturing into other productive activities.

Also, tech-savvy teachers can attract more earnings than others when they can explore these technologies and incorporate them in their classroom activities. Due to their technological knowledge and the relevance of tech in the present society, learning institutions will offer to pay them more.

To contribute to technological literacy among teachers in Akwa Ibom State, the Inoyo Toro Foundation has over the years sponsored some public school teachers for training in tech-related programmes, such as Microsoft Certified Educators, to enable them update their technological knowledge and skills.