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You too can lend a hand and contribute your quota to the growth of education in Akwa Ibom State.

You too can have a part

You too can have a part

Adopt a school

Committed professionals may adopt schools of their choice and mentor students of the school. The Foundation organizes mentoring sessions with the brightest students drawn from JSI-SS3 (one student per class) from the school of choice of the mentor. The mentoring scheme is aimed at inspiring the students to appreciate the value of consistent hard work and to be motivated toward success impacting students. A mentor will have a one on one, two-hour session to mentor the students at the annual event.

Although the annual event may serve as the formal introduction of the mentor to the mentees, it is the beginning of a lifelong mentorship relationship. Through this structured mentorship programme, the youths have a broad view of life and the many profound possibilities that abound. It also generates the confidence among the students to explore these opportunities for self-improvement and wise career choices. The mentor offer role model leadership behaviuors and winning characters to the students.

Adopt a school today!

The Inoyo Toro Foundation continues to sustain its vision of supporting government in its effort to uplift the status of education in Akwa Ibom State. To this end, we have been able to propagate the message of the Foundation’s vision and ideals which has culminated in greater awareness and more impact for a wider spectrum in our public schools.

On an annual basis, opportunities exist for corporate/individual sponsors to fund an award in any subject category of their choice. As a Foundation, we believe that teacher motivation is critical in addressing the apathy that might characterize a teacher’s work experience. We believe that this will subsequently enhance performance and service delivery in our schools. These awards are done in the different subject categories. Find below the different subject categories.

Categories available

Support a School

Support for schools through individual or corporate interventions is at the core of the vision of the Foundation. This is upon the basis that government cannot do it alone. The Foundation encourages well-meaning persons and groups to support financially and materially the many avenues which are bound to improve education in these schools. Many of our public secondary schools are in need of your support. You may kindly reach us on for more information on the options available in supporting the school of your choice.

There are many projects already planned for schools which have suffered due to lack of funds. The Foundation promotes interventions in these areas, designed to develop the welfare of teachers and students, improve capacity in various sectors of educational development and generally add to the improvement of life around the school community. Such support may be directly from individuals or through partnerships. Training and retraining of teachers comprise a formidable form of capacity development with an enduring impact on the schools. ` Information and advice on sponsorships may be channelled through


We value our pool of volunteers and their contributions to the work we do. Our Foundation welcomes you to build interpersonal skills, accelerate your personal growth and become a role model. Your contributions in time and skill help our students to find renewed hope for their future. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Reach us on

Spread the Word

We encourage word-of-mouth propagation of the vision, contributions and interventions of our Foundation. Social media channels make such information dissemination much easier and with a potential to reach a wider audience. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube make it not only much easier to spread the word, but ensures collaboration with the Foundation in order to enable the mobilization of more people and resources in lifting our education standards.